Confirming the research activity and potential of shortlisted candidates

In a recent email to Heads of Department, the Vice-Chancellor announced that changes to ensure that our academic appointments are of the highest calibre would soon be shared with the University.

Why are changes being made?

The aim is to provide assurance that the research activity and potential of shortlisted candidates aligns to departmental research expectations.

The changes have been discussed and agreed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Deans and Human Resources, with the intention of strengthening our quality assurance in recruitment while avoiding unduly onerous processes.

What are the changes?

For all academic and research-only appointments (whether open or fixed-term), at Grade 7 or 8:

  • A standard question will be added to the application form asking candidates to cite up to five of their strongest outputs from the past six years
  • The shortlist needs to be signed off by the Dean (or an alternative senior academic member of UEB)

Deans (or an alternative approved by the Dean) will continue to chair all interview panels.

This updated process systematically checks the quality of the research contribution of potential academic staff during shortlisting, and provides clarity regarding roles and responsibilities within this process. Arrangements for the appointment of Readers and Chairs are unchanged.

Further information

Should you want further information, contact us at or call Lisa Teasdale on extension 4849.