Students on Tier 4 visas now need a booking reference to claim their pay

We want to remind departments that from today workers on Tier 4 visas (typically students from outside of the EEA) will need a booking reference number when claiming payment for casual work.

Booking workers

Reference numbers are issued when the hiring manager makes a booking through the Tier 4 booking form.

Managers will need:

  • the name of the worker
  • the start date (Sunday) of the week when the work will be done
  • the hourly rate to be paid
  • the number of hours that will be worked
  • the workorder to be charged for payment

When you make a booking, we will check your request is compatible with the worker's visa restrictions and any other existing bookings. We will confirm bookings by sending you and the worker a booking reference number.

If you try to book an unregistered worker we will contact them to arrange registration. This may delay confirmation of your booking.

No work should be done until the worker has been registered and the booking confirmed.

Students on Tier 4 visas are welcome to visit HR at any time to register. It is not necessary to make an appointment.

Claiming payment

Workers will use the existing claim form but will be asked to indicate if they are a Tier 4 worker:

Worker type Claims process
Not a Tier 4 worker Can claim in the usual way, with the department verifying their right to work before any work is undertaken
Tier 4 worker - has registered with HR Can claim in the usual way using their booking reference number
Tier 4 worker - has not registered with HR Will not be able to make a claim and must not undertake any work until registered

Claims made by Tier 4 workers will go through the usual departmental approval processes, but will also be subject to a final approval by HR to ensure that the hours worked are compatible with their visa restrictions.

If you have a question about compliance or right to work, please email the Compliance Team at or call us on extension 4892.