University's charity donation doubled after more staff than ever took part

The staff survey closed on the 31 May. Thanks to everyone who participated and encouraged others to take part!

2,981 staff took part - a repsonse rate of 73%. Although this was slightly short of our target of 75%, it remains our highest ever response - up 1% from 2014, and ahead of the sector average of 66%. You can view final departmental level response rates on the staff survey webpages.

Although we didn't meet our target, the University was so pleased with the response that it has doubled its charity donation. This means that St Leonard's Hospice and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance will each receive £2,981.

What happens next?

We're aiming to send Heads of Departments the results by the end of July, along with a post-survey briefing back to help interpret the reports, communicate results to staff and develop guidance on action planning.

We will also be holding sessions for departmental staff leading the development of action plans. These will cover results interpretation, action planning and using the online results tool.

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