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What is an equal pay review?

An equal pay review (EPR) compares the pay of men and women. It identifies any gender pay gaps - the average difference between men’s and women’s pay.

Why do we do it?

We complete an EPR every two years, as part of our commitment to equality and diversity among our workforce. This is the fourth equal pay report the University has produced.

What has it told us?

Our overall pay gap - the difference in pay between male and female employees - is 19.7%, in favour of men. This is broadly similar to UK industry and other Russell Group institutions.

Pay gap: changes from 2008 to 2016

Pay gaps by grade

Within most grades, there is no pay gap. There are gaps in Grade 6 (in favour of women) and in Professorial Band 3 (in favour of men).

Pay gap: changes from 2008 to 2016

Gender balance

The main cause of the overall pay gap is the decreasing proportion of women working in senior grades.

Pay gap: changes from 2008 to 2016

Academic and support staff

The overall pay gap at York has fallen by 3% since 2008, but this improvement is largely among support staff.

What happens next?

Our main concern is to understand as fully as possible why we don’t see more women in the more senior grades - especially in academic roles. We want to understand what barriers women face in developing their careers so that we can address them effectively.

We want to be open transparent about this process, and encourage you to read the equal pay report [pdf] and draft action plan [pdf].

All staff are invited to contribute feedback on the action plan. Any feedback provided will be completely anonymous unless you choose to provide your name.

Please provide your feedback by Friday, 19 May.

We will collate all the feedback provided and reflect on the key themes and suggestions, which will inform the development of a final action plan. The final plan will be agreed by UEB before being published.