The University recognises that there are a range of circumstances when you may need to take time away from work, but that it may not be reasonably expected for you to use annual leave or flexitime.

Leave in special circumstances is intended to provide a sympathetic response to this, and the procedure and guidance provide a framework for making and considering these requests for time off.

There are a number of reasons for which leave in special circumstances may be considered, and which are covered by this guidance. These are:

  • Armed Forces leave
    If you are a member of HM Armed Forces Reserves you are entitled to paid leave to meet training requirements and unpaid leave if you are mobilised
  • Bereavement
    If a close family member, dependant or partner dies
  • Compassionate circumstances
    If you have serious personal or family problems. This includes unpaid time off to care for a dependant
  • Dependants leave
    If you need time to look after children when they fall ill or need to attend an appointment, caring for elderly, frail or ill relatives or dependants whilst care arrangements are put in place
  • Domestic emergencies
    If you suffer an unexpected domestic emergency that requires immediate attention
  • Public and community service
    If you serve on certain public or community bodies

See the policy page and procedure page for more information.