Here are a series of quotes from those who have taken part in the PGR mentoring scheme since its inception.

This is an excellent programme if you are looking for additional support in any aspect of research life. It's an opportunity to learn from the experiences of our seniors.

Having someone other than a PhD supervisor as a source of support is very useful.

I am really glad that this support was available particularly during this year when meeting up with university colleagues has not ben possible for me.

I thought mentoring would be talking about problems. I found mentoring to be part of a process for avoiding them in the first place.

The process of writing up a PhD can be quite lonely and stressful, and it is nice to have a mentor to talk things through and to learn from.

I think with the appropriate mentor, it could really benefit the transition from student to ECR.

It is extremely helpful to have another listening ear, other than your supervisor (who has different perspectives).

This has been such a rewarding experience for me. My mentor is an incredible person and she helped me so much through these troubled times. We really hit it off from the beginning. It was very easy to talk to her and communicate my research problems and areas where I needed help. She listened to me patiently and gave insights from her own research experience.

Quotes regarding the mentor training

The training was very effective, I thought it was well delivered and interactive.

There was a wide range of resources and flexibility for us to choose tools that suit our mentoring style and relationship with mentee.

I was grateful not to be thrown in the deep end on my own!