What is it?

Coaching is a way of providing additional, confidential one-to-one support that can be supported back in the workplace.

Open to all staff, our coaching scheme has helped many members of staff from all departments and grades. Our team of twenty coaches - all York staff - have been externally accredited and undertake regular professional development.

I have been telling friends about it, and it made me realise that I really do feel that the University as an institution cares about me, and offers me a way to grow and develop. So thank you very much for suggesting this and putting it in place. It's a terrific scheme

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Coaching is a voluntary and confidential process in which a trained coach guides an individual to consider alternatives to their current situation and identify an outcome that they are committed to.

It is one of the most powerful developmental approaches available to individuals and organisations.

While the coach's focus will be on professional rather than personal development, coaches will often take a holistic view of a person to understand the context of their issues and understanding the important factors that will influence their mindset and motivation.

Within our coaching scheme, we work to this description of coaching:

"the process of enabling individuals to acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to perform effectively in their occupational role by motivating, inspiring, challenging, stimulating and guiding them. The coach must be able to recognise the needs of individuals being coached, develop coaching approaches appropriate to meet those needs, and help individuals achieve to their full potential."