If you are considering applying to the scheme you should:

  • review the information available on the scheme
  • reflect on what you hope to get from the coaching
  • discuss the idea with your line manager and gain their support
  • complete and submit an application form
  • please use the example application form for reference/preparation if required
  • contact us at if any clarification/help is required

Applications to the scheme can be made at any time. Applications will be processed within four to six weeks of receipt.

Where possible line management support will be required. We recommend that before submitting your application you agree with them the following:

  • desired outcomes and record these on the application form
  • expectations of both parties
  • frequency of sessions
  • support back in the workplace

If line management support is not possible then please provide the reasons for this in your application form.

The matching process

The application form will act as the main consideration in the matching process. Within four to six weeks of receiving an application to the scheme we will:

  • identify a potential coach
  • contact coach to check their availability
  • send you a coach biography

Once you have confirmed that you are happy with your chosen coach, the coach will be informed and the relationship will be able to start.

All proposed matches will be agreed with both parties on the outset and there will be opportunity to raise concerns over a match before commencing with a coaching relationship.

It is accepted that not all proposed relationships will be suitable and that it is possible that conflicts of interest may affect the potential success of coaching relationships. In such cases we will attempt to make an alternative match.

We give feedback to individuals on their application. If we cannot match you with a coach or other development choices may be more appropriate to meet your needs and expectations, we will advise you on the other options available.