You can find all the LinkedIn Learning courses alongside other University training and development materials in our Learning Management System (LMS). If you just want to see courses offered by the University - use the 'Vendor' option to filter your LMS search results.

Alternatively you can go directly to LinkedIn Learning. If you are an existing LinkedIn user, you will need to make sure you are signed out of your personal LinkedIn profile before signing back in again with your University of York email address and password. You will then have the opportunity to link your University account to your personal LinkedIn profile if you choose to.

There is no need to sign-up to any kind of membership offer that might pop up on screen. This may occur should you remain signed in with a personal LinkedIn profile account.

Once you've logged in, we've curated a LinkedIn Learning collection with a selection of short videos, which will help you to navigate the platform. The content combined lasts no longer than 13 minutes and you are able to choose what to watch and when.

If you are already familiar with LinkedIn Learning or are just ready to start learning, please log into the LMS to browse the different resources available. HR, with support from IT Services, have curated some guided staff development pathways and staff digital skills collections which you may find useful.

Please bear in mind that the LinkedIn Learning content is designed to appeal broadly to a global audience and is particularly good for concepts that are similar across organisations. Due to the volume and variety of learning resources, we have not viewed, vetted or approved the full library of content on the platform, so it might not always be relevant, or reference systems, use a tone of voice or opinions that we would support.