This introduction to management and supervision aims to give you a greater insight into your own understanding, ability and mindset towards management before you take on the role of a line manager.

This two-module programme will be delivered on line. During the programme you will consider the behaviours of an effective manager and review your own skill and ability against a management framework. Through this review process and a deeper understanding what is expected in a management role you will be able to identify opportunities to enhance your current performance and attitude.

You'll have the opportunity to consider the impact moving from being managed to managing others and how you might prepare yourself for this shift in perception and work life. Additionally, attending this course can be used at interview as evidence of what you've done to prepare yourself for a management role.

About the programme

By the end of the programme, you will be able to:

  • identify the key skills and responsibilities of a line manager
  • appraise your current management potential against a management framework and identify areas for development
  • recognise the challenges of moving into a management role and create a plan to address these

Please note that this programme is for pre-mangement roles, so if you are already a line manager, please book onto either of the following programmes:

How to apply

Sign up for this programme via the Learning Management System (LMS).