What is Springboard?

Springboard is a four month personal development programme specifically developed and written for women. This internationally acclaimed programme supports women in achieving greater recognition and influence in their professional and personal lives and supports them in making positive changes. We achieve this through four lively and interactive workshops, networking, a 300-page workbook, the use of role models and a multi-layer support system.

The three objectives for the programme are to:

  • Take clear, practical and realistic steps to take more control over your life
  • Find out what you value
  • Make decisions and take action based on your values

The programme supports the University initiative to build a pipeline of diverse talent and address issues arising from the Gender Pay Gap.

Learning and Development are running one cohort in the 2023-24 academic year, from March 2024, for 36 women in total. We are offering the programme to women and is open to transgender women and non-binary people.