The JNCC, as part of the employee relations agreement and structure, aims to enhance effective communication throughout the University to achieve greater participation and involvement of all members of staff.

Constituency of members

The JNCC comprises University management representatives and representatives of the recognised trade unions.

The membership of the JNCC is based upon the representation for the trade unions, based upon a calculation of 2 representatives plus 1 representative for every 250 trade union members or part thereof for each trade union, and an equivalent number of University Management representatives.

Organisation Number of members
University management 14
Total 28


The Chair of the JNCC is rotated for each meeting between University Management and the Trade Unions, on an alternative basis.

Current membership

Membership for the academic year 2022/23 is as follows:

Representing Name Appointment (department)
UCU Joanna de Groot President (History)
UCU Jon Fanning Vice President and Health and Safety Officer (York Management School)
UCU Ana Duarte Secretary (Centre for Health Economics)
UCU Kai Tsao Executive member (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)
UCU Steven Spencer Executive member and membership officer (Faculty of Social Science)
UCU Steve Roskams Treasurer (Archaeology)
UCU Katie Smith Equality Officer and PGWT Exec Rep (SAAS)
UNISON Francess Daly Chair and Equalities Coordinator (Law)
UNISON Annette Johnson Education Officer (Economics)
UNISON Chris Fielding Health & Safety Officer (SLAW)
UNITE Richard Armitage Chair (Physics)
UNITE Bob Hide Branch Secretary (School of Physics, Engineering and Technology)
University Management Charlie Jeffery Vice-Chancellor and President
University Management Joss Ivory Chief Operating Officer
University Management TBC
University Management Lisa Woods Director of Accommodation, Campus and Commercial Services
University Management Karen Rowlingson Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences
University Management Rachael Millhouse Director of HR
In attendance Sophie Thompson Employee Relations and HR Policy Manager, Secretary
In attendance Iwona Lever PA to Chief Operating Officer, Minutes


The JNCC is a semi autonomous committee with the authority to discuss issues and make certain decisions (as outlined in the Employee Relations Agreement and Structure). There will, however, be occasions where the JNCC will need to refer to other committees for information and/or approval.


The JNCC has three specific Sub Committees which are constituted on an ad-hoc basis following referral from JNCC Committee on issues specific to the individual Trade Unions:

  • Sub-JNCC UCU
  • Sub-JNCC Unison
  • Sub-JNCC Unite

The JNCC also has Special Interest Groups relating to specific ongoing issues:

  • Policy Development Group

The JNCC has occasional Joint Temporary Working Groups formed for a finite period to discuss specific stand alone issues.