Palaeo: Centre for Human Palaeoecology & Evolutionary Origins

Image supplied by Penny Spikins

Palaeo: The Centre for Palaeoecology Archaeology, Evolution and Human Origins

Palaeo: An interdisciplinary centre at the University of York

Palaeo: Anatomy, Bioarchaeology, Molecular Archaeology and Field Techniques in one place

Palaeo: MSc in Bioarchaeology, Early Prehistory, Mesolithic Studies, Zooarchaeology, Human Evolution (2012/13)

Palaeo: Researching diet, landscape, ecology, health, disease and the evolution of the human mind

Palaeo:  BioArCh, Anatomical and Human Sciences & Human Palaeoecology

Palaeo: A centre of excellence in the biomolecular analysis of human bone - MSc in Bioarchaeology

PALAEO is an interdisciplinary research centre in human evolution and palaeoecology that brings together York’s world-leading expertise in evolutionary anatomy, ancient DNA, biodiversity, psychology, palaeoenvironmental studies, prehistory and geochronology. The exceptional breadth of PALAEO allows the centre to take a fully-integrated, cross-disciplinary approach to major research questions in human evolution and its environmental setting. PALAEO is open to all York researchers in this exciting field, and to their collaborators elsewhere. 


PhD projects in PALAEO

Posted on Friday 14 October 2016

NERC-funded PhD projects available through the ACCE doctoral training partnership

Professor Don Brothwell

Posted on Friday 7 October 2016

We are sad to announce the recent death of Emeritus Professor Don Brothwell

Meeting on the palaeontology and archaeology of Doggerland

Posted on Tuesday 4 October 2016

"Recent research on the Pleistocene and Late Glacial landscape, Palaeontology and Archaeology of "Doggerland", the now submerged large region of the southern North Sea basin".