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A flourishing interdisciplinary community devoted to the study of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries

MA students, Castle Howard visit

Bringing together faculty and postgraduates from a wider range of disciplines than any other university in the UK

Humanties Research Centre, Berrick Saul Building

The Centre has its own dedicated space in the newly built Berrick Saul Building

Postgraduate study area, Humanities Research Centre

CREMS is part of the University of York's Humanities Research Centre

Well placed for research into the rich archival and cultural resources found in and around York

A lively programme of seminars and conferences attracting scholars of international standing


CREMS Programme Poster:
CREMS Events, Autumn 2014 (PDF  , 569kb)

HOLLYBAND, CLAUDE. The Treasurie of the French tongA Journey into the Foreign Language Phrasebook
Dr Helen Smith discusses the early modern book trade, as part of John Gallagher's engaging documentary


St Stephen's Chapel
Westminster iconDr John Cooper leads this major AHRC-funded collaboration with the Palace of Westminster

The Works of Sir Thomas Browne
AHRC 5-year project to bring to complete a new 8 volume OUP edition
Thomas Browne AHRC Project (PDF  , 284kb)
Thomas Browne Website

Conversion Narratives in Early Modern Europe
A Cross-Confessional and Comparative Study, 1550-1700
AHRC funded 3-year interdisciplinary project (English and History)
Project website
Project blog

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York Historic Papers online





CREMS research seminar: Beckett re-inventing Shakespeare in Happy Days.

CREMS research seminar: Beckett re-inventing Shakespeare in Happy Days.


Magic and Intellectual History

A one-day symposium charting the relationship between early modern natural philosophy, religion, and magic


The Origins of the Inquisition in Comparative Perspective: An International Workshop

This comparative workshop asks how the Spanish, Portugese and Roman inquisitions wrote themselves into history as saviours of orthodoxy. It will explore whether the three inquisitions can be considered a single, transnational network and consider the importance of the medieval inquisition to our understanding of its early modern successors.

Conversion Narratives took 'Les Canards Chantants' to Hardwick Hall to celebrate the launch of a new exhibition...

Sir Thomas Browne Seminar "Poetics and Prose Theory in Early Modern English" - Watch videos of Keynote presentations...

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‌The staff have been very helpful, welcoming and eager to impart their knowledge.  I have made great friends in my programme and together we've had fantastic opportunities... 

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Time and Early Modern Thought
10 May 2014
Interdisciplinary Colloquium

Thomas Browne Seminar: Classical Philosophers in 17th-century English Thought
28 May 2014

Godly Governance c.1500-1750
27-28 June
Godly Governance poster sm