World-class facilities, including the newly-opened Wolfson Laboratories


Integrating the study of basic and clinical immunology, microbiology and parasitology


Developing a greater understanding of processes underlying infection and disease development


Innovation through forging stronger links between biology and medicine


Cutting-edge research into preventions and cures for chronic infectious diseases


International impact on fighting neglected tropical diseases


The Centre for Immunology and Infection (CII) is a joint research centre created by the Hull York Medical School and the Department of Biology at the University of York.

Research within CII ranges from fundamental studies on the pathogenesis of infectious and non-infectious disease through to first-in-man clinical research.


CII's Erica Kintz is awarded the Hayes-Burnet scholarship

Posted on Monday 1 September 2014

Research Associate Dr. Erica Kintz (van der Woude lab) in the Centre of Immunology and Infection was awarded the Hayes-Burnet scholarship from the Society of General Microbiology.

Dr Fabiola Martin, a Senior Lecturer at CII, joins Rare Disease UK (RDUK) management committee

Posted on Thursday 17 July 2014

RDUK has recently accepted Dr Fabiola Martin, Senior Lecturer in HIV Medicine at the Centre for Immunology and Infection and HYMS, as a new member of the RDUK management committee.

CII's long-standing administrator receives Biology's "Making the Difference" award.

Posted on Tuesday 24 June 2014

Liz Greensted, CII's administrator for over 10 years, received the "Making the Difference" award for her outstanding contribution to the excellent running of the Centre.


The Centre for Immunology and Infection is structured into three overlapping research areas: clinical and translational researchimmunology, and pathogen biology.

The Centre's researchers are involved in two major interdisciplinary collaborations:


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