Viking Torksey


Torksey is widely known as a Viking winter camp from an entry in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle for AD872. A growing body of archaeological evidence offers the potential of placing the site in its broader chronological and spatial context. Previous work has focussed on the pottery industry associated with an Anglo-Scandinavian town or burh. Recent metal detector finds have also suggested Torksey may be an Anglo-Saxon ‘productive site’, implying that Viking occupation must be seen in the context of pre-existing Saxon inhabitation. Torksey objects, copyright Fitzwilliam Museum‌‎‌‎ 

The aim of the project is to understand the role and significance of Torksey by plotting the chronological and spatial development of the various centres of activity, which have been tentatively identified through metal detecting.  These include a putative Anglo-Saxon riverine ‘beach market’, the Viking winter encampment and wider trading site, the Anglo-Scandinavian burh and the Torksey ware kilns. The project has major implications for wider understanding of the Viking Great Army and its interaction with local populations, the development of Anglo-Saxon burhs, and the evolving nature of trade and industry in the early medieval period, and its connections with power and ideology.

Funding has been provided by the British Academy, the Society of Antiquaries of London, and the Robert Kiln Trust.


Project Researchers

University of York

University of Sheffield

External Collaborators

  • Gareth Williams, British Museum
  • Andrew Woods, York Museums Trust
  • Hannah Brown, Geophysicist
  • Jane Young, freelance pottery specialist, Lincolnshire
  • Rachel Atherton, Derby Museum
  • Adam Daubney, PAS Finds Liaison Officer, Lincoln Museum


Interim reports

Torksey Test Pits 2011 (PDF  , 3,515kb): Reports on Five Test Pits Excavated in Torksey, Lincolnshire, 4th-8th July 2011, by Gareth Perry, with Jane Young and Samantha Stein

Viking at Torksey: a fieldwalking adventure of a first year archaeology student, by Julian D. Richards and Daria Wiercigroch, The Post Hole 27, February 2013

"Viking Torksey: Inside the Great Army's winter camp", by Dawn Hadley and Julian D. Richards, Current Archaeology 281 (2013), 12-19.


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Contact Details

Julian Richards, Dept of Archaeology, University of York

Dawn Hadley,  Dept of Archaeology, University of Sheffield