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Enable every student to shine

50% increase in

scholarships applications in 20/21

over 1000

applied for philanthropic support in 20/21

Over 200 students

awarded scholarships in 20/21

158 student societies, clubs and groups

received philanthropic funding in 20/21

Rinolsa Lataj and Butshilo Nleya, Scholarship Recipients 

Widening Access for All

We know that talented students can achieve their potential whatever their background and family circumstances. We also know that students who have had to overcome the most significant barriers in their personal, social and domestic lives, who grew up in areas of deprivation, or were the first in their family to come to university, need additional support.  

In these uncertain times, one thing we can be certain of is that more of our students need our help than ever before and scholarships play a key role in helping to level the playing field. Scholarships enable the students who stand to gain the most from higher education to take advantage of all it has to offer. But more than this: scholarships help to instill a confidence in our students that comes from knowing that someone believes in them.

The 20/21 academic year has been like no other. We have seen the number of scholarship applications increase by 50%. Our incredible community of alumni, staff, students, and friends came together to help unlock more life-changing scholarships at York than ever before, but there is even more that we need to do.

Each of York’s scholarship funds has been established to support students to come to York from underrepresented backgrounds including asylum-seeking students, those who have disabilities, those from Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds, as well those who are the first in their families to access higher education and those who are living in, or have lived in, the care system in the UK for neglected and abused children and young people.

Our flagship scholarships

York Opportunity Scholarship

Support students who have overcome the most significant barriers in their personal, social and domestic life.

York Futures Scholarship

Enable students to access opportunities that give them a head start in the job market.

Equal Access Scholarship

Enable students seeking asylum to access a York education.

The York Futures Scholarship has enabled me to gain valuable work experience overseas, which I would have been unable to do otherwise. This year I am going to work in Canada on a summer camp for children with special needs and next year I am volunteering in Sri Lanka at a psychiatric facility, supporting abused children.

Charlotte Ives, York Futures Scholar.

How You Can Get Involved

You can make a difference; help us continue our philanthropic tradition by getting involved today:

If you are interested in setting up a named scholarship, please contact us at