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Enriching lives through creativity and the arts

Over 200

clubs and societies

Over 36,976

arts and humanities graduates

72 student projects

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Creativity makes us human

In a complex and fragmented world, the need to create new solutions to difficult problems and to draw people together through our common desire for creative experience has never been greater. From participation in the performing arts to novel approaches to tackling the most challenging scientific research questions - creativity is at the heart of who we are and what we do. 

"York Unlimited will enable us to invest in creative people, creative spaces and creative projects so that we can explore new ways of working with the communities which surround us."

Ambrose Field, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Creativity reaches across the board and it's really important in all fields. Where would we be without people who have inquiring questioning minds?

Aine Sheil, Interim Head of Department, Music

Student using sound booths, MSc Audio and Music Technology

Celebrating creativity

York Unlimited will help us to celebrate the creative people in our community of staff, students and alumni, the creative places that help us flourish, and our pioneering creative projects. By getting as many people as possible supporting and participating in York’s rich tapestry of cultural performances and events, we want to enable people from all backgrounds to explore what creativity means to them. 

Creative places

York’s special spaces dedicated to creativity and the arts are a constant source of inspiration. Our concert halls, theatres and art studios regularly host the world’s most celebrated artists. Even more importantly they are the places where our whole community can create, experience and explore the widest possible range of artistic expression. These are often the things that define a student’s experience at York.

With support from individual and corporate donors, York Unlimited will support our thriving creative spaces for future generations.

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Creative Projects

Thin Ice Press

Our graduates cherish the experiences and friendships they gained from taking part in student life and we are committed to preserving this experience for future generations. 

Thin Ice Press

The Thin Ice Press is the newly built historic printing studio housed in the Department of English and Related Literature. Its iron presses chart the evolution of print from 1838 to 1926. They offer the opportunity to experience the relationship between writing and printing practices through publication, practice-led research, teaching and public workshops.

Thanks to donations from alumni around the world via the University’s crowdfunding platform YuStart, students and staff from across the University are now able to experience the relationship between writing and printing practices through publication, teaching and public workshops.

Theatre, Film and Television


A gift from you today to YuFund can give a student at York the chance to explore their creativity and develop their voice. 

Many of the creatives of the future - our students - rely on philanthropic funding from YuFund to fulfil their potential.

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How can I help?

  • If you are in or visiting York, follow our social media for upcoming events on campus and across the City #UoYCreatives
  • Generations of students have benefited from York’s clubs and societies. To help keep this flourishing culture alive, please consider making a donation to YuFund or look at the range of student projects on YuStart

If you would like to consider a major donation towards Scholarships, Creative Fellowships, Residences, or other creative projects, please contact

How You Can Get Involved

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