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Enriching lives through creativity

We are 34th in the world

for arts and humanities education

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019

We are 8th in the UK

for arts and humanities education

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019

Creativity is part of what makes us human.

It is at the heart of what the University of York is and does and we aim to draw on Yorkshire's rich creative history, enabling everyone across all disciplines and backgrounds to explore what creativity means to them.  

Our vision includes the creation of a new School of Arts at the University of York, which will allow us to explore new areas of innovation in the arts and humanities and to support the development of the creative economy. 

Ambrose Field, Professor and Interim Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Theatre, Film and Television

Creativity can mean something different to everyone and we encourage collaboration from all areas and genres. From philosophical approaches, to enjoying an artistic performance, to understanding how our brain reacts to artwork, we want to inspire the best creative minds. 

Today, the need to invest in creative people, creative spaces and creative public engagement, is more important than ever, so we can better connect with the world around us and with each other.

Creativity reaches across the board and it's really important in all fields. Where would we be without people who have inquiring questioning minds?

Aine Sheil, Interim Head of Department, Music

Unlimited creators

The John Tilney Writer-in-Residence Programme was established in 2008 within the Department of English at the University of York. This scheme has enabled students studying English to benefit from creative writing classes led by novelists, poets, screenwriters, and playwrights.

The opportunity for students at York to learn from eminent and successful authors and writers is unparalleled, and a number of beneficiaries have gone on to publish their own writing. It has also been an invaluable scheme for both established and developing writers: shortly after her residency at York, for instance, Daisy Johnson’s debut novel, Everything Under, was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

The John Tilney Writer-in-Residence programme has enabled undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Department to have a unique opportunity to develop their creative writing outside the constraints of the curriculum. Thanks to John’s generosity, a decade of students have benefitted from challenging and enriching writing workshops and intensive tuition, which has given them the freedom and focus to explore and develop their creative interests.


Daisy Johnson, Author

How can I help?

  • Gifts of £5,000 and above will develop Creative Fellowships and Residencies, enabling artists, musicians, poets, writers and filmmakers to work with students and the wider community.
  • Give £5,000 to £70,000 to create postgraduate scholarships, enabling talented students to pursue research in the arts.

If you are interested in setting up a named scholarship, please contact us at alumni@york.ac.uk