PhD Projects

The CAPACITIE Project includes four work packages. Each package can include several projects. Broadly, workpackage 1 is focussed on social science-based methods for understanding the needs of end-users and how to engage stakeholders in monitoring activities; the second workpackage will explore how to better prioritise emerging pollutants in the indoor air and surface water environments and develop cutting-edge analytical techniques to understand the exposure of humans and the environment to emerging pollutants; workpackage 3 will develop low-cost sensors for measuring key air and water pollutants, as well as explore how a range of new monitoring technologies (such as robots, mobile phone and specimen banks) can be used to understand exposure to pollutants in cities; and finally, workpackage 4 will develop ICT technologies for data collection and analysis and explore how to effectively use the generated information for short- and long-term decision making.

Workpackage 1 - End User Needs and Stakeholder Engagement

  • - Fellow: Xiu Gao - End users and new pollution technologies
  • - Fellow: Rina Siyengwa - Environmental monitoring as a participatory science

 Workpackage 2 - Emerging Pollutants

  • - Fellow: Emily Burns - Identifying emerging contaminants of concern in city water bodies
  • - Fellow: Magdalena Kruza - Monitoring and modelling exposure to emerging indoor air pollutants
  • - Fellow: Prado Domercq - Monitoring engineered nanoparticles in surface waters

 Workpackage 3 - Emerging Technologies

  • - Fellow: Michelle Wang - Low cost multispecies air quality sensors
  • - Fellow: Elena Koutsoumpeli - Low cost, multi-parameter sensors for monitoring pollutants in waters
  • - Fellow: Fady Medhat - Crowdsourced pollution monitoring
  • - Fellow: Kyle Stevens - Environmental specimen banking for understanding city pollution
  • - Fellow: Mayank Parmar - Monitoring hard to reach environments

 Workpackage 4 - Data Capture, Analysis and Use

  • - Fellow: Xinwei Fang - Capture and analysis of monitoring data
  • - Fellow: Gabor Makrai - Effective use of monitoring data and ICT to support strategic and operational city planning decisions


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