Launch of new Climate Change Network

News | Posted on Monday 21 May 2018

The network was launched during a recent event which focused on breaking the barriers to social and political action on climate change.

From theatre, film and television to atmospheric chemistry, it soon became evident during the event that there is a real breadth of research on climate change across the University of York which can be better harnessed via interdisciplinary working.

The event particularly highlighted the importance of adopting an interdisciplinary approach to climate change research to ensure the science is effectively communicated to break the barriers to social and political change. Physical and social scientists at the meeting found common ground in identifying high impact problems for future collaboration - the new YESI Climate Change Network will help to address these areas.

The Network, which will be led by Dr Kevin Cowtan from the Department of Chemistry, is a cross-departmental initiative at the University of York bringing together experience and interests in breaking social and political barriers to climate change. It aims to establish a network of active researchers from a broad range of disciplines to build collaborations, develop new interdisciplinary research direction and capitalise on funding opportunities.

The Network is of particular relevance to those interested in:

  • Communicating to motivate social change
  • Fake news and misinformation
  • The influence of science on policy
  • Reducing uncertainty in climate science and its communication
  • Identifying physical science projects which meet social and political needs
  • Global inequality in a changing climate

If you are a researcher at the University of York, whether PhD student or Professor, and would like to register to be a member of the network please contact us at