News Archive 2018 

  • December - Pierre-Philippe Dechant has a new paper in the Proceddings of the Royal Society.
  • December - "Engineering Simulations as Scientific Instrumentsjust published, Susan Stepney and Fiona Polack.
  • December - Three keynote speakers now confirmed for TWCR2018 on Emergence
  • November - Pierre-Philippe Dechant gave a talk at the The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics semester programme on Non-linear Algebra in Application on Thursday, 15.
  • November - Calls for YCCSA Summer School Project Proposals are now open.  Please see the following link for details.  For further information please contact Sarah Christmas on
  • November - YCCSA intern adds new insights into the significance of healthcare to human evolutionary success'. Becky Padget, working with Penny Spikins, Calvin Dytham and Barry Wright contributed to new research on the importance of Neanderthal healthcare, developing an agent based simulation of injury rates and healthcare practices.
  • October 2018 Matthew Dale, Julian F. Miller, Susan Stepney, Martin A. Trefzer New ArXiv paper: "A Substrate-Independent Framework to Characterise Reservoir Computers
  • October 2018 - Our new 3-year EPSRC Cross-disciplinary project "SpInspired" starts today -- welcome to Matt Dale as the new RA.
  • September 2018  - represented with two presentations at the 24th Congress of the European Association for Cranio - Maxilo - Facial Surgery, Munich, 18 - 21 September 2018: David A. Mitchell, Angelika Sebald and Lauren Tomasello: "The evolution of a novel electronic resource for patients, carers and professionals -" and "Cross-disciplinary working to expand the horizons of maxillofacial surgery"
  • September 2018 Elva Robinson - new research on Tipping Points - but from an animal behaviour perspective


  • The landing obligation of the EU's common fisheries policy (CFP) came into force on 1 Jan 2019. Its aim is to end the wasteful practice of discarding fish at sea, and one of the main ways to do this is to make fishing more selective. An unintended side effect of this is to increase fisheries-induced evolution of our fish stocks. This has not been considered by the EU in implementing the landing obligation.  
    Professor Richard Law took part in the closing meeting of the EU H2020 DiscardLess project (Copenhagen 30-31 Jan), and gave a talk on "The dark side of the selectivity paradigm: fisheries-induced evolution". This was to warn fisheries scientists, policy makers and stakeholders from the fishing industry about the dangers of the direction we are going in as the landing obligation is implemented.
  • January - #EPSRC_CrossDisciplinarity - YCCSA organised a great workshop in York involving 7 EPSRC projects: watch out for the video!