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Nicole Froio
PhD student



I have a BA in Journalism Studies from the University of Sheffield and a MA in Women, Violence and Conflict. I am originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and, in addition to being a PhD student and researcher, I am also a writer. I have written for The Guardian, Bitch Magazine, Wear Your Voice Magazine, The Establishment, and many others.



I research masculinity, sexual violence and the media. Feminist critique of pop culture has been a crucial part of feminist and women’s studies since Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique charged mass media with constructions of femininity (Munford & Waters, 2014). As such, observing pop culture has provided essential feminist insight on how the pillars of patriarchy, white supremacy and capitalism can be dismantled and re-imagined. Contemporarily, feminist critics pay special attention to the constructions of rape culture in mass media, and how it may affect real instances of sexual violence and the subsequent social processes that may follow. My research project aims to get at the heart of this issue, looking at high-profile allegations of sexual assault and harassment in the media and feminist contestations of that violence. Working on theories of masculinity, masculinity in crisis and feminist resistance to the current gender hierarchy, I investigate current constructions of gender, how violence is enacted through those constructions and how a feminist discourse heightened by social media and global awareness campaigns has changed the way men—and specifically, hegemonic men—negotiate their power in the public sphere.


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Nicole Froio
PhD student
Centre for Women's Studies
University of York
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