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Mee Rhim Song
PhD student



I studied BA Textile at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, and MA Fashion at Goldsmiths College University of London. I previously worked as a freelance textile designer and came to CWS as I pursue to study and research on the concept of femininity in South Korea (how it is manifested through material things). My previous research focus was within craft and activism which involved deconstructing, reconstructing and mending my own clothes. These actions allowed me to practice thinking-through-making, which, through repetition, became a meditative practice that lead me to think reflexively on clothes and human relationship with them. Some of the images and details of this project can be found here.

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My research aims to explore how women’s everyday work on their body – which will be referred as ‘practice of adornment’ – reproduces the ways in which capitalist economy is sustained. It is an exploration through microcosm of Korean political economy taking place within the everyday lives of women.

The project identifies the significance of material things, such as garments and adornments, in ‘doing modernity’ and ‘looking feminine’ for women, who aspired to be liberated and financially independent in the early 20th century Korea. How disciplining female body becomes integral to women’s agency aided by the state’s promotion of public health will be examined, as well as focusing on the private and daily domain of women’s lives through the historical literature around women’s reproduction, care, and domestic work.


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Mee Rhim Song
PhD student
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