Welcome from the Head of Department

Andrew Higson - Welcome from HOD

Welcome to the Department of Theatre, Film and Television, and thank you for visiting our web-site. If you’re a potential student, please have a good look round at the range of courses we offer. 

The staff in the department are a mix of top academics and industry professionals, and we believe we have just the right balance between teaching professional skills, and a critical and contextual approach. We produce graduates who will be well placed to get jobs in their chosen field; at the same time, we aim to stretch our students intellectually and equip them with a range of transferrable skills.

We’re also very proud of our state-of-the-art building, which has one of the best professional production facilities of any UK university.  You can find details of our amazing resources and equipment in the About Us section - and if you join us, you’ll get the chance to use those facilities!

We also have excellent contacts with the theatre, film and TV industries, and an on-going programme of visiting lectures, masterclasses and public events.

So whether you’re a prospective undergraduate or postgraduate hoping to work in theatre, film or television; a potential PhD student wanting to carry out research or creative practice in one of those fields; a professional who wants to expand your skills; or a potential commercial user of our facilities, I hope you’ll find what you want here on our web-site. And perhaps I’ll have the opportunity one day to welcome you to the department.

Professor Andrew Higson