A head and shoulders photo of Joe Lamyman

My name is Joe Lamyman, I am currently in my 3rd year studying Interactive Media at the University of York

Tell us about your recent opportunity?

During the summer, I completed a Santander Technology & Operations internship, which saw me taking on a number of different roles: helping to test new systems, managing nationwide projects and communicating with a number of different key stakeholders within the business. It was a great opportunity to not only explore fields I’m interested in, but also to speak to people about a range of opportunities that might be available to me.

How have your studies helped with the work you did on the internship?

During my placement, I found that both my technical and design knowledge skills from my course came in extremely handy; I was able to look at problems in a number of different ways and use this to help advise my team. I found that by understanding problems, it meant I could expand on issues and help with general understanding. My technical literacy skills, which have been vastly improved by this course, were also key to my success during the placement.

A photograph of Joe Lamyman working on an iMac.
Why did you choose the University of York?

I think that the University of York has been a great fit for me, with Yorkshire being the focal point for a range of new exciting tech start-ups, the great travel connections and the beautiful city. I think that you get the best of both worlds with York; a stunning, historical city with a lot of modern businesses and attractions. I also believe that the Interactive Media course manages this amalgamation of different areas well, with a great blend of technological, design and humanities knowledge.

What has been the highlight of your time at University so far? 

I would say that the highlight of my University time so far has been creating the piece that my group made for the second year Interactive Media Group Project module. My group and I built the Text and Drive simulator, where the game shows the user just how impossible it is to pay attention to the road while texting and driving. Not only did we build a game and custom steering wheel controller, we also had a member of our group build a whole car booth too!