Dr Davy Smith
Research Associate in Interactive/Non-linear Narrative and Digital Storytelling

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I am a highly interdisciplinary researcher and practitioner, bridging the fine art(s), interactive (broadcast) media and computer science. After a background as a practicing digital media artist (BA Hons Fine Art, Univ of Leeds; MRes Digital Media, Culture Lab, Newcastle Univ), I completed a PhD at Queen Mary, University of London. My thesis focused upon the design of intrinsically motivated neuro-evolutionary algorithms. I am interested in understanding how exploratory and curious behaviours manifest themselves as directed, creative processes, both from design-led and formal, algorithmic perspectives.
Since November 2016, I have worked within the Digital Creativity Labs, where I research the potential applications of interactive storytelling and artificial intelligence to broadcast media.



My research is focused upon the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to the creative industries. I am interested in how creative practice can be furthered through the integration of computational methods; how AI and machine learning can be used to augment creative expression and the production of creative artifacts. Conversely, my research reflects upon how AI can be informed by exploratory behaviours such as creative practice and play; through algorithmic models of intrinsic motivation, computational creativity and curiosity. The application areas I have worked within include; online digital media art, site specific installations, interactive media, location based applications and the broadcast industries.
My main research in the Digital Creativity Labs is involved with the development of a future broadcast technology, known as Object Based Media (OBM), in collaboration with the BBC. Highlighted by the BBC as their vision for the future, OBM represents the next logical step in the evolution of TV. OBM refers to media with the ability to reconfigure itself based upon the device, environment and/or context in which it is being consumed. This project is focused on demonstrating the power of OBM as a delivery mechanism for accessible, adaptable, autonomous, conversational, interactive, immersive and personalised televisual experiences.  


Full publications list

A recent list of my publications can be found on my website, http://paper-boy.org/publications/