Postgraduate research profiles

Nathan Townsend

I am currently a first year PhD student in the Department of Theatre, Film and Television. My research focuses on the issue of transnationalism within the contemporary British film industry, particularly as it relates to the London based production company Working Title Films. At an industrial level the transnational identity of Working Title is suggested by transitions in the company’s ownership and organisational structure throughout its near 30 year history. Its evolution from an independent British producer to a subsidiary of a major Hollywood studio is one of the most important narratives in recent British cinema and engenders discourse about ‘Transnational British Cinema’. At a textual level, my thesis considers how versions of Britain, British cinema and ‘Britishness’ act as a form of currency within transnational film culture. Understanding the textual balancing act of cultural specificity and transferability within Working Title’s various canons is therefore a central concern of this research.