Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of things will I learn at York?

If you do the BSc in Film and TV Production, you will learn to analyse films and television programmes; and understand the processes involved in the production decisions. You will study the history of the film and TV industries; and you'll learn how to make high quality films and TV programmes. You will also gain transferrable skills such as team-working and decision making. For more details, see the course breakdown.

On the BA in Writing, Directing and Performance you'll study dramatic texts, and learn how to realise them on the stage and on film. You'll get to interact with some of the best writers and directors around. And as with the BSc, you'll gain many transferrable skills. For more details, see the course breakdown.

What grades will I need?

For all our undergraduate courses, you will need AAB or equivalent. More details on the course pages.

Do you hold open days?

We do; and you should attend an open day for any university that you're considering. You'll very quickly be able to tell whether it's right for you.

How can I fund my PhD?

There are several different types of funding available, including Departmental bursaries. More information os funding can be fund on our Funding Opportunities webpage.

Where can I find information for new students?

If you have accepted your place at the University of York and are waiting to begin your studies with us, then you can find lots of helpful information and advice on the University's welcome pages.

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