Head and shoulders photo of Mike Gardner

My name is Mike Gardner and I graduated from Interactive Media in 2017.

What did you do after graduating?

After graduating I spent as much time in York as I possibly could due to absolutely falling in love with the place and the people there over my 3 years. I’ve been back as much as possible since then too!

What do you do now?

I’m currently training to become a certified Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality developer at Eon Reality in Manchester! I’d already created a VR experience on the HTC Vive for one of my assessments at uni, but now I’m gaining experience within a commercial studio, working on live projects.

In doing your degree what has helped you in your professional life?

Interactive Media was the only course that perfectly blended technology with a cool creative edge!

My degree has basically opened up lots of doors. I’ve got at least a beginners level of understanding in many different areas of the digital industry. I can work with state of the art technologies such as the HTC Vive & Leap Motion; design applicable user experiences; and I’m able to critically analyse the impact that different digital technologies have upon society.

Why did you choose the University of York?

I chose York literally for the course. Interactive Media was the only course that perfectly blended technology with a cool creative edge. Being able to say I was doing a BSc at a Russell Group University was also rather cool. Of course now I’d also be inclined to choose York for the wonderful place that it is too! There are loads of fantastic pubs and bars, a surprisingly epic low-key local music scene, and of course there’s gorgeous scenery such as the Minster and Clifford’s Tower.

Mike Gardner playing the guitar.
What would you say to someone thinking about studying at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television?

DO IT! TFTV, is such a fantastic department. There’s an epic community spirit that is really easy to get involved with. I ended up helping out on a couple of short films and participating on TV shows even though my actual degree wasn’t to do with that at all! Everyone was just so lovely and as a result, I befriended a lot of people on the other courses, some of whom went onto become some of my closest friends at university!


What was the highlight of your time at University?

Freshers week was just filled with this insane & indescribable sense of freedom and excitement; so that has to be up there. To be honest though, I loved every second of uni and the reason for that is absolutely because of all the amazing people I was able to meet.

OH… and winning the Star Wars quiz at the Glasshouse (the campus bar!)! That was EPIC!!