Rosemary Alexander-Jones

MA: Digital Film and Television Production, University of York; BA (Hons): Film Studies, Oxford Brookes University



Thesis - English Historical Buildings on Film

I am a part-time student and my research focusses on how historical buildings are presented on film, concentrating on how these longstanding sites are portrayed symbolically, metaphorically, accurately, and authentically, and how these portrayals relate to the building in situ. I am supervised by Prof Andrew Higson and my research is supported by the TFTI Bursary.




Research Interests

Historical buildings on film, filming locations, heritage tourism, heritage media, filmmaking, new ways of portraying the past, authenticity and accuracy debate, documentary filmmaking, wildlife filmmaking.

External Activities

External Activities

I addition to my research I also make promotional films for the University of Warwick’s Art History Department, and I am working on a documentary about Miss Nora Morrison MBE, a dance teacher in Nottingham. I have previously filmed wildlife in South Africa, the Arctic Circle and in Iceland, and I am part of an international team who work on Pontigny Abbey in France.



Conference Papers

Alexander-Jones, Rosemary. ‘Historic Buildings on Film: Authenticity in Saul Dibb’s The Duchess’, Authenticity, Performance and (‘Post’) Truth in Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, University of York, 22nd June 2017.

Alexander-Jones, Rosemary. ‘Accuracy vs Authenticity: Recognisable Historical Buildings on Film’, All Things Stone VI, Birdforth Hall, 3rd June 2017.

Alexander-Jones, Rosemary. Harris Adamson, Rose. Henderson, Lucy. Marchini, Gabriella. ‘Learning from the Walls’, International Medieval Congress, Leeds, 10th July 2012.

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