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Current PhD Students



Thesis Title & Supervisor(s)

Rosemary Alexander-Jones PhD by Research English Historical Buildings on Film
Professor Andrew Higson
Alix Beaumont PhD by Research The Depiction of Ancient Greek Mythology in Cinema, Television and Video Games
Dr Jenna Ng & Dr Kristyn Gorton
Clare Brennan PhD by Research Making the Invisible Visible: Framing Movement
Dr Kristyn Gorton
David Edwards PhD by Creative Practice The application and relevance of Stanislavsky, and later exponents of his theories, in rehearsal and performance with specific focus on the portrayal of obsessive-compulsive disorder on the stage.
Dr Tom Cantrell
Warren Fearn PhD by Creative Practice What are the properties of augmented reality and its impact on learning?
Dr Jonathan Hook
Robert Daniel Ford PhD by Research The Actor in the Immersive Theatres of Punchdrunk, Slunglow and Look Left Look Right
Dr Karen Quigley
Bridget Foreman PhD by Creative Practice Directive and Prescriptive Commissioning in Theatre
Dr Karen Quigley
Agata Frymus PhD by Research European Stars in the Discourse of 1920's America
Professor Andrew Higson
Shelley Galpin PhD by Research Heritage Screen Media and Youth Audiences
Professor Andrew Higson & Dr Huw Jones
Hasmik Gasparyan PhD by Creative Practice Investigating the Making of Cinematic Silence
Dr Sandra Pauletto
Maxine Gee PhD by Creative Practice Posthuman Noir: Creating Positive Posthumans
Mr Simon Van Der Borgh & Dr Jenna Ng
Anastasios Giapoutzis PhD by Creative Practice The Interplay of Landscape and Nostalgia on Defining Cinematic Identities in Contemporary European Cinema
Professor Duncan Petrie
Nicholas Glean PhD by Creative Practice Make Believing Englishness: Reimagining the non-white subject within the Visual and Narrative landscape of English Heritage Costume Drama.
Professor Duncan Petrie
Alan Heaven PhD by Research To what extent is the work of Nathan Field distinctive in its use of instructional content?
Professor Michael Cordner
Neil Hillman PhD by Research Emotion in Sound Design
Dr Sandra Pauletto
Michael Holden PhD by Research Comics and Catastrophe: Trauma and Place in Graphic Narratives of the Holocaust
Dr Lisa Peschel
Joseph Horsey PhD by Research Metaphor in Documentary
Dr Ed Braman
Sarah Hoyle PhD by Research What is the cultural value of outdoor/experiential film screenings
Dr Jenna Ng
Rene Fernando Idrovo Zambrano PhD by Research Point of audition, spatial audio and identification with characters in Cinema
Dr Sandra Pauletto
Fiona Keenan PhD by Research Enactive sound machines: new theatrical strategies for sonic interaction design
Dr Sandra Pauletto
Richard Kearns PhD by Research Interpreting Cultures of Participations: Production, Distribution and Globalisation
Dr Mariana Lopez & Dr Veronique Chance
Sina Khazaee-Farid PhD by Creative Practice Bazinian Realism in the Digital Apparatus
Dr David Hickman
Deborah Klika PhD by Research Comedy & Struggle: an analysis of the comic operation in the television sitcom.
Mr Simon Van Der Borgh & Dr Kristyn Gorton
Nai Li PhD by Research Chinese Audiences’ Reception of and Attitudes towards Hollywood Films with Chinese Elements
Professor Andrew Higson
Martina Lovascio PhD by Research Filming the past in contemporary Italy
Professor Andrew Higson & Dr Alan O'Leary
Jandy Luik PhD by Research Assemblage and The Creative Hub: Designing to Support Assemblage in Virtual Creative Hub
Dr Jenna Ng & Dr Jonathan Hook
Richard Oakes PhD by Research Investigating Emotional Audience Responses to Theatre & Music
Dr Lisa Peschel & Dr Nick Barraclough
Tobias Palma Stade PhD by Creative Practice Hands-off Interactive Narrative: Exploring a Language for Post-Television
Dr Guy Schofield & Dr Kristyn Gorton
Rosamund Portus PhD by Research A World Without Bees? The role of our Social and Cultural Imagination in responding to Bee Extinction.
Dr Debbie Maxwell
Nur Syuhada Mat Sin PhD by Creative Practice A Malay Folktale Paper Toy Animation
Professor Marian Ursu & Dr Guy Schofield
Simona Manni PhD by Research Responsive media and non-linear participatory narratives of mental health
Dr Jonathan Hook & Professor Mariana Ursu
Tracy Mathewson PhD by Creative Practice The Effectiveness of Justice and the Female Protagonist in Mainstream Conspiracy Film (1970s to Present) and their Implications on the Ability of Contemporary Filmmakers to Engage with Modern Conspiracy Culture Through Politically Forceful Narratives
Mr Simon Van Der Borgh
Benjamin McDonald PhD by Creative Practice The Presentation of Madness - A Playwright's Perspective
Dr Lisa Peschel
Gabrielle Russell PhD by Creative Practice Ether-Realism: evolving new cinematic form by speaking the old language of our native psyche
Dr Ed Braman & Mr Andrew Vickers
Hadeel Shqair PhD by Research Aljazeera Channel's Effect on the Political Consciousness of the Arab Youth since 2000
Dr Ed Braman & Dr Kirstyn Gorton
Siiri Sjöstrand PhD by Research Neoliberalism and the Self: The Engendering of (female) Selfhood in Western Popular Culture
Dr Kristyn Gorton
Roderik Smits PhD by Research Gatekeepers and Gatekeeping Networks in the Film Distribution Business
Professor Andrew Higson
Romana Turina PhD by Creative Practice The Moving Image and Historical Analysis: Trieste, Italian Cinema and the Creative Remediation of Silenced Memory
Professor Duncan Petrie & Mr Simon Van Der Borgh
Jeske Van De Gevel PhD by Research Democratising Farmer Citizen Science
Dr Sebastian Deterding
Ramida Vijitphan PhD by Research The Thai Remake Culture: An Analysis of Thai Television Drama
Dr Kristyn Gorton
Xumin Wang PhD by Research The Context and Practice of Museum Games Production in the UK and China
Dr Jenna Ng

Former PhD Students

NameYear of AwardProgrammeThesis Title & Supervisor(s)
Gianluca Balla 2018 PhD by Research The Director’s Method in Contemporary Visual Effects Film: Influence of Digital effects on Film Directing
Mr John Mateer & Dr David Hickman
James Ballands 2016 PhD by Research Terence Davies and the Cinema: Authorship, Collaboration, Intertextuality
Professor Duncan Petrie
Anya Benson 2013 PhD by Research Entering ever-expanding worlds of loss: Constructions of place in contemporary Japanese children's cinema
Professor Andy Tudor
Amy Bethel 2017 PhD by Research Surburbia, seaside and sensation: Showing films in London and the south-east, 1896-1897
Professor Andrew Higson
Jonathan Carr 2016 PhD by Creative Practice The Normalisation of Surveillance Through the Prism of Film: A Practice Based Study
Dr David Hickman & Mr Simon Van Der Borgh
Mark France 2016 PhD by Research Gregory Doran and the Royal Shakespeare Company
Professor Michael Cordner
Christos Manolas 2016 PhD by Research Sound Design for Stereoscopic 3-D Cinema
Dr Sandra Pauletto
Francesca Middleton 2016 PhD by Research Romanticism with teeth: Surrealism in British film
Professor Andrew Higson
Matthew John Midgley 2017 PhD by Research Writing Figures of Political Resistance for the English stage
Professor Mary Luckhurst
Julia Pascal 2016 PhD by Creative Practice The Absence of Female Jewish Characters On The Post-war English Stage: Thesis & Three Plays
Dr Lisa Peschel
Emily Torricelli 2016 PhD by Research Projecting the Nation: Constructions of Scotland in Film Since 1979
Professor Duncan Petrie

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The Department of Theatre, Film and Television has proved to be the ideal setting in which to explore and discuss my PhD subject area, and to develop my academic skills in research and teaching more generally. Assisted greatly by the advice and encouragement of the department staff, I was awarded full AHRC funding for my PhD, and have written and presented two conference papers alongside my PhD research in my first year.

Chris Hogg, PhD, Television