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Mel's Story


Name: Mel
Course: MA Postproduction with Visual Effects
Graduated: 2008
Current role: Senior Motion Designer at Twitter

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What course did you do and what year did you graduate?

Masters in Postproduction with Visual Effects, 2008.

What is your job now?

Currently, I'm a Senior Motion Designer at Twitter - though I freelance so who knows where I'll be next!

What did you do before applying to TFTI?

Bachelors in Electronic Engineering with Media Technology.

400x300 image of Mel in TV studio

Why did you decide to do a Masters degree?

I really enjoyed the Media Technology part of my degree and also spent a lot of time in the Film Making Society within the University. I realised I could combine my love of technology with my love of film and design so decided to pursue the career course of postproduction.‌

Why did you choose TFTI?

It was the first place that really offered this type of Masters. They had amazing facilities and I absolutely love York as a city. The course itself also gave a great overview of all parts of production as well as post. You'd be surprised how many people in the industry don't have a basic grasp of each part of the process.

What were you hoping to get out of studying here?

A good grounding in the industry standard software as well as an overview on the whole process. The modules on story have been just as invaluable as the ones on the technology. Also I gained a lot of good contacts from the teachers which gave me a good grounding to get my first job when I came to London.

How did you become aware of the University of York?

I studied my engineering degree here as they were very high in the tables, and from there learnt of the course in my final year.

400x266 image of Mel filming

What are your career goals?

Ultimately to have my own design agency. For me motion design has been an area of postproduction that has really expanded in the past 10 years. It covers so many areas of postproduction (both 3D and 2D work) so there is a lot of scope to build into it.

What would you say to someone thinking about studying at TFTI?

If you have a passion for moving images definitely consider studying here. And take full advantage of all the facilities! You will gain as much as you put into it - and everyone is there to help you. I made some fantastic friends whilst studying here as well as advice from the lecturers that I still keep with me today.



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