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Tobias Palma Stade

PhD by Creative Practice 


Thesis - Hands-off Interactive Narrative: Exploring a Language for Post-Television

This research aims to explore the possibilities of interactivity within fictional audio-visual languages, in the context of the post-network media. I’m studying how to adapt our traditional film and television grammars to the ongoing changes involved with Media Convergence and the Digital Revolution. We’ve reached a stage when interactive media has become mainstream, changing the dynamics of consumption habits, previously determined by media scheduling and now ruled by users’ individual habits. This, along with interconnected digital devices, has transformed the audiences’ approach to digital media, and forced the industry to update itself to this new context.

This project is particularly focused on the question of interactivity beyond the media: Interactive Contents, or how to facilitate users to be creatively involved with a film or televisual text. We can distinct four interrelated categories for interactivity: shallow and real, and leaned-forward and leaned-back. Most of our interactive media can be described as ‘shallow’, since we are able to manage the contents but not to alter them in any way. A ‘real’ interaction would enable the users to customize the experience in some way,whether narrative, structural or aesthetical. On the other hand, leaned-forward interaction is what we commonly see in video-games, when users consciously invested in the interactive experience and conscious of the digital device that works as a ‘threshold object’ to the digital environment. Leaned-back interaction would be an experience in which users are enabled to interact with the content through unconscious decisions, facilitated by a minimized threshold object.

In this project I intend to generate three interactive fiction short-films to experiment with different levels of real leaned-back interactivity.

This project is being funded by the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of the Chilean Government, Conicyt, through the Becas Chile programme.

Supervisors: Dr Guy Schofield, Dr Kristyn Gorton.




BA in Social Communication with a major as Journalist from the Universidad de Chile, although all my professional life has been dedicated to being a filmmaker and an audiences’ researcher. I’ve got a Diploma in Fiction Screenwriting in the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and an MA in Digital Film and Television Production in the University of York.

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