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Richard Kearns


Thesis - Interpreting Cultures of Participations: Production, Distribution and Globalisation

My PhD thesis investigates methods that maximise audience engagement with interactive installation environments. It analyses the systems that motivate participation, breaks them into core principles, and links them to behaviour models that emerge in audiences during periods of activity. The research draws from a number of disciplines including Complexity Science, Economics, Engineering, Art, and Video Game Theory, among others. In turn, this potentially makes the findings relevant to a number of research fields that engage with participative audiences.

Supervisors: Dr Mariana Lopez, Dr Veronique Chance




After finishing my undergraduate degree in Fine Art in 1991 I spent two years in Gujarat, India experimenting with photography, printmaking, public performance and sculpture. On returning to the UK I concentrated my practice on photography, by exhibiting, working professionally and teaching various aspects of the subject. I returned to Printmaking in 2010 to undertake a Masters and completed the last year of it in Singapore, to where I had moved. My PhD began in 2015, and after five years in Southeast Asia I returned to the UK in 2017 to complete my final year in York.

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Mr Richard Kearns
Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media