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Neil Hillman




Thesis - Emotion in Sound Design

My thesis studies the "Emotion in Sound Design" and how we may determine and predict how an audience will react to certain audio stimuli when these are used to support and enhance moving pictures; and developing practical Sound Design techniques for triggering predictable and replicable emotional responses in a viewing audience.



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External Activity

External Activity

I started my Ph.D. in 2010 and in addition to my research I have responsibility as the Managing Director of The Audio Suite, an audio consultancy and sound design practice located in Birmingham, UK. Operationally, I work as a Sound Designer, a Sound Editor and Re-recording Mixer within The Audio Suite’s in-house studios; I also work away from the studios as a Location Recordist and Outside Broadcast Sound Supervisor. I have been involved in broadcast audio for radio, film and television for over 30 years.

In February 2010 I was awarded a World Medal for Sound Design at The New York Film Festival for my Sound Design and mixing on the film 'The 13th Day' and in November 2010 I was awarded a Royal Television Society award for Best Production Craft Skills for my Sound Design and mixing on the film 'Handle With Care'. My first book 'Journeyman' was published in October 2013.

I am a member of the TFTI Sound Design research group, under the leadership of Dr. Sandra Pauletto. 



Selected publications

Hillman, N. (2014), Organic and Free range Sound Design, The New Soundtrack. Volume 4, Issue 2, pp. 123-138, ISSN 2042-8855
Hillman, N and Pauletto, S. (2015), The Craftsman: The use of sound design to elicit emotions, The Soundtrack 7:1, pp.5–23, doi: 10.1386/st.7.1.5_1


Hillman, N. (2013), Journeyman, Birmingham: Merlin Initiatives; cited by Farnell, A. (2014), The New Soundtrack Volume 4 issue 2, p91. DOI:10.3366/sound.2014.0056

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