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Jandy Luik

MA (De La Salle University, Philippines) BA (Petra Christian University, Indonesia)


Thesis - Assemblage and The Creative Hub: Designing to Support Assemblage in Virtual Creative Hub

My research would explores dialectics of production of message and new media at digital hub. The hub serves as highly concentrate node that provides attractiveness to other nodes to be connected. Start-up, mentors, vc, investor, government agency and digital consultant are nodes that together create this network of creative industry. However, this centralized flow to the hub must be examined critically using the rhizomatic-nomadic archetype of Deleuze and Guattari. Metaphorically, nomads are living in the peripheral and city is the centre of the circle. Nowadays, the travel of nomad to the city is not as restricted as previously nomos and polis relations. Start-ups are highly welcomed and encouraged to enter the hub. Nodes effort to be centralized in hub or hubs should be critically examined by questioning how the interplay among the actors on the hub? What logics behind this network bonding and collaboration? Why there are strong and weak ties among networks’ nodes?

This research would contributes to the growing of creative economy in Indonesia, a developing and wide archipelago country. Studies on creative industry, especially communication, are receiving higher attention from academia and researcher in term of effect and textual analysis. Set back from text and effect, this research focuses on the production space of digital era. In accordance to that, digital hub may serves as a place to produce a new message or new medium.

Supervisors: Dr. Jenna Ng and Dr. Jonathan Hook
Start date of programme: October 2015




My academia career is started at Dept. of Communication, PCU since 2006. One year later I received scholarship for my MA Communication major in Media Technology Studies. Since then, I was starting to integrate science and art in communication. Before taking my PhD, I taught courses such as new media, communication research method, TV program production, and communication technology that refashioned my perspective. Managerially, I was also entrusted to be the head of public relation and study information at my university and the head of TV lab.

I chose my academic focus in new media because it provides space for audience or user to be more empowered in their every aspect. I explored few aspects of this new way of communication by involve in several research projects as leading and co-researcher in self-presentation of bloggers, cultural preservation at museum, mobile communication of youth and measuring audience/ users. I extend my work to creative practice and community service to understand the dynamic of new media and communication. My creative career as producer started at live performance of the first Petra Parade (2010), and I returned at 2013. For four-consecutive years, I lead the team of Nationwide News Presenter Competition for high school students in Indonesia. During the time we have explored ways of producing TVC, virtual background, live and recorded news production, live-show performance and live streaming. In order to empower community and last-year students, I conducted several workshops on new media, producing video, and coaching the students to involve in creative start-up.



Research Interests

New media cultural production, digital collaboration, new media culture, network theory, self-presentation, and mobile communication.



Conference Papers

Luik, Jandy E (2013).The Importance of Fluidity Utility Belief and Technology Cluster Ownership on Adoption of Mobile Communication among Youth. In: 22nd AMIC International Conference 2013, 4-7 July 2013, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Jandy, Luik and Gatut, Priyowidodo (2012)Communicating Risks and Mitigations of Tsunami using New Media to Coastal Communities in Pacitan, Indonesia. In: Shanghai International Conference on Social Sciences, August 2012, Shanghai - China.

Jandy, Luik and Gatut, Priyowidodo (2012)Enhancing Participatory Culture by using New Media to Preserve Local Culture in Museum Mpu Tantular East Java. In: MASS 2012, August 2012, Shanghai - China.

Luik, Jandy E and Priyowidodo, Gatut (2011)Responses of User to New Media Application in Mpu Tantular Museum, East java. In: International Conference on Creative Industry 2011, March 10, 2011, Bali, Indonesia.

Luik, Jandy E (2010)Blogging as Empowerment: Self-presentation of bloggers in Surabaya, Indonesia. In: International Conference of. NEW MEDIA AND INTERACTIVITY. April 28-30, 2010, Istanbul, Turkey.

Journal Articles

Luik, Jandy E (2014)Adoption Belief Mobile Communication: Konvergensi aktivitas menguatkan adoption belief Smartphone, Tablet, dan Handphone. InterAct Journal on Communication, 3 (1). pp. 33-42. ISSN 22524630

Luik, Jandy E (2014)Memahami Mobile Generation: If You Are Not Mobile, Then You Are Not Part Of Us. SCRIPTURA, IV (1). ISSN 1978-385X

Luik, Jandy E (2010)Indonesian-Philippine Co-Production Movie: From Rodrigo De Villa To Holiday In Bali. SCRIPTURA, 3 (1). ISSN 1978-385X

Wijaya, Maria V. F and Prihanto, Sutyas and Luik, Jandy E (2010)The Dynamics of Finding Identity as Feminine Figure in Beautiful Boxer. Anima, Indonesian Psychological Journal , 25 (2). pp. 131-141. ISSN 0215-0158

Luik, Jandy (2008)The Characteristics Of Online Version Of National Newspapers In Indonesia and The Philippines. SCRIPTURA, 2 (2). pp. 117-123. ISSN 1978-385X

Creative Works

Producer, (2010 &2013) Live Performance of Petra Parade

Team leader and Producer, (2010-2013), News Presenter Competition

Producer, (2011), A day of early childhood education in Siwalankerto.

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Mr Jandy Luik
Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media