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Hadeel Shqair

PhD, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media

Hadeel Shqair


Aljazeera TV’s Role in Shaping the Political Consciousness of Arab (The Egyptian Revolution 25 Jan – 11 Feb 2011)

Shqair's thesis discusses Aljazeera satellite Channel’s role in the political awareness, through studying the nature of Aljazeera’s coverage of the Egyptian revolution, which also requires an understanding of the nature of the event itself; its historical and political background. 

The study focuses on Aljazeera’s news content, content production, and the institution thinking through analyzing the news coverage, the tools, techniques and reasons that enabled Aljazeera to play this role during the 18 days of Egyptian revolution 2011.

Shqair used the historical analysis alongside with thematic analysis of Aljazeera’s archive of the period of study, and conducted interviews with members of Aljazeera’s staff in editorial and managerial positions, as well as journalists and reporters who wrote the news stories and news directors.

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Hadeel Shqair
PhD in Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media