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Gianluca Balla



Thesis - The Director’s Method in Contemporary Visual Effects Film: Influence of Digital effects on Film Directing

My thesis aims to analyse how the use of visual effects in contemporary film influences the director’s method. For each phase of a general film’s development (e.g., development, preproduction, production and postproduction) the thesis seeks to define what is considered to be a consensus methodological approach to direct films, then it compares this method to the one applied when visual effects are involved. The frame of the research is represented by a large spectrum of contemporary films produced in western countries which involve visual effects at different scale and complexity.

Supervisors: John Mateer, David Hickman. Start date of programme: October 2012.




For my BA-MA combined I studied Architecture/Civil Engineering in Rome while I worked as an assistant director and actor in theatre. In November 2013 I founded in York a production company called 'Whip Ma Whop Ma Film' and started to produce and direct silent short films such as Numeri (2013) and Admission (2014) which have been screened in several Film Festivals.



Research Interests

Film directing, methodology, visual effects.

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Dr Gianluca Balla