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My background is in Physics (MPhys(Hons), Manchester) and Music (Classical Guitar, Conservatorio “G.Tartini”, Trieste, Italy), education which I have combined in my MSc and PhD in Music Technology at the University of York.

After my MSc and during my PhD, I worked as a Research Assistant on two EPSRC funded projects. The first of these, the COSTART project, was based in the Computer Science Department of Loughborough University and aimed at studying the relationship between artists and technologists during the creation of digital artworks. The second project, Data mining through an interactive sonic approach, was based in the Electronics Department of the University of York and focused on displaying data structures, present in complex multivariate data sets, using sound synthesis and interaction. This research formed also the basis of my doctoral thesis, Interactive non-speech auditory display of multivariate data. In 2003, I was also involved in the SightSonic Digital Art Festival of York and I created and organised an event titled Exploring Sound in which the audience could explore various sound properties by interacting with audio through a series of digital tools, which I programmed in the Pure Data environment.

From 2005 to 2007 I worked as a Senior Lecturer for the Music Technology degrees of Huddersfield University. At Huddersfield I taught in the following areas: sound for the picture, sound synthesis and sound processing, computer composition and sound design, programming for audio systems.

In October 2007 I joined the Department of Theatre, Film and Television as a Lecturer in Sound Design.

Departmental roles

I have designed and taught a range of modules at Degree and Masters Level for BA, BSc, MA and MSc. I have also supervised Masters dissertations and BSc/BA Final Year Projects to completion on a wide range of sound design and audio programming topics. 

I am the Programme Director for the MA/MSc in Postproduction with specialisation in Sound Design.

Additional Administrative roles: Chair of Board of Examiners, Chair of Mitigating Circumstances Committee, Departmental Disability Representative, International Links and Erasmus Coordinator, Research Committee Member and Teaching Committee Member.

University roles

Standing Committee on Assessment, member
University Athena Swan Working Group, member






My research interests focus on Sound Design, Sonification and Auditory Displays, Interactive Media, and Sound Design in the context of Film and Theatre.


I have established connections with various European Universities and Research Labs, which I have developed in particular through my participation in two European Projects: ConGAS, Gesture Controlled Audio Systems, which ran until Spring 2007, and Sonic Interaction Design (SID) which refers to the use of sound to convey information, meaning, emotion and aesthetic qualities in interactive contexts. The aim of this latter project is to strengthen the links between Researchers, Sound Designers and Artists and I am part of a group of researchers concerned with the enhancement of interactive products (such as games or cars) through sound.  

I participated to the EPSRC Cluster project Towards Real Virtuality. This project aimed to explore the possibility of creating a 'virtual cocoon' that would stimulate all the senses allowing us to experience, in the comfort of the home, places and situations far away in space and time.

I participated to the EPSRC Creative Speech Technology Network (CREST), which promotes interdisciplinary research in the field of voice, sound design and speech technology.

I was Co-investigator in the project Chronic health issues of adolescents: is the world listening?, funded by the Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2), which aimed to investigate how information about chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity or asthma, can be communicated effectively to young people via an immersive audio-visual installation.

I am currently the Principal Investigator of the SCORe Project: Using Sonification to COmmunicate public health Risk data funded by the University Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2) and supported by the Wellcome Trust. This is a collaborative project with the Department of Health Science which explores the integration of music and sonification in interactive media to communicate heath risk data. 

I have Chaired and organised three Conferences:

April 2009, Sonic Interaction Design and its relation to Film and Theatre Sound Design, funded by the SID EU Cost Action Project

July 2013, Symposium: Perspectives on Sound Design

September 2014, SoniHED: Conference on the Sonification of Health and Environmental Data, in collaboration with the Stockholm Environment Institute of the University of York

University Roles

I am the Deputy Director of the Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2) of the University of York. C2D2 is an institution-wide 'virtual centre' for coordinating, promoting, supporting and maximising the benefit of interdisciplinary research and research-linked activities in the area of chronic diseases and disorders at the University of York. C2D2 has been awarded funding under the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) to support a range of new initiatives to promote interdisciplinary research, impact and public engagement.


Current research students

Neil Hillman, topic: Sound Design and Emotions in Film and Television, PhD by Creative Practice with Sound Design

Fiona Keenan: Enactive Sound Machines: New Performance Strategies for Theatrical Sound Design (funded by the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities)

Hasmik Gasparyan: The role of silence in film sound design

Post-doctoral researcher

Dr Bart Walus (SCORe Project)

Former research students

Mariana Julieta Lopez, University of York, degree awarded 2014. Topic: Hearing the York Mystery Plays: Acoustics, Staging and Performance (partially funded by the Audio Engineering Society)

Chris Manolas,University of York, degree awarded 2016. Topic: Sound Design for Stereoscopic 3D Cinema (partially funded by the Audio Engineering Society)


Selected publications

Full list of publications can be found at the York Research Database

Pauletto, S. (Guest Editor) Special Issue: Perspectives on Sound Design, The New Soundtrack Journal, Vol: 4, Issue: 2. September 2014

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Pauletto, S. and Hunt, A. Interactive Sonification of Complex Data, International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, Volume 67, Issue 11, pp. 923-933, November 2009.

Dr Sandra Pauletto

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