At York, researchers collaborate across the University's seven interdisciplinary research themes to address the great scientific, social and environmental challenges of our times.

Our research is particularly strong in these themes: 

Culture and Communication

We continually engage with many forms of culture and the ways in which it can communicate with society. We understand the cultural sphere as a place in which questions that evade simple answers can be identified, formulated and articulated.

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Creativity underpins much of the Department's outputs. We examine the methods and means of developing creativity, and the ways in which creativity itself may offer ways for approaching social, industrial and historical issues.

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Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing reflects the breadth of our research and the Department's interdisciplinary reach. Particular projects have been aimed to find new ways to communicate health information to young people effectively using interactive media.

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Technologies for the Future

Technologies for the Future reflects the breadth of our research and the Department's interdisciplinary reach. Some research consists of exploring how sound design techniques can be used to rethink accessibility to film and television for visually impaired audiences by considering: the application of surround sound rendering, interactive media systems and first person narration.

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