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The Department of Theatre Film and Television moves into its brand new home...

Posted on 11 October 2010

The adventure begins...

We’ve just moved into our brand new, multi-million pound building, with its two theatres, two TV studios, digital cinema and screening room, sound stages and green screen studios, and magnificent post production area.

Although some areas are still being fitted out, there’s already a real buzz of excitement and anticipation among staff and students.

The 200-seat theatre is almost complete, and will be ready for use in the first week of term. One of the best things about the building is that it’s fully integrated: every area has wall boxes with tie-lines to every other area.

So, we can rig the hi-def cameras from the TV studio into the theatre, cable them to the wall boxes, take a sound feed from the theatre mixing desk, and record a live performance through the studio gallery…

The black box theatre is up and running too. It does what it says on the can: it’s a big, black box of a room, that can be configured for theatre, theatre-in –the-round, single camera or multi-camera shoots.

The lighting rig is really impressive, with walkways to allow easy access (and wheelchair access) to the grid.

Outside, the area is still a building site as the new campus continues to develop. But if you squint a bit and use your imagination, you can begin to see what a beautiful environment it will be when the lakes are fully filled with water, the plants are blooming, and the bulldozers have gone to wherever bulldozers go in the spring.

The two TV studios are large, empty, sound proof rooms at the moment, though with very level floors … The TV equipment will be fitted during the next few months, ready for teaching in January. But already we’re getting professional crews interested in using them as shooting stages: our very first client is planning to film for two weeks in November.

The post-production facilities are about half-way kitted out. The editing labs are ready, with Final Cut Pro as the editing software. The sound facilities will be ready in about a month’s time, including the Foley room for recording live sound effects, such as footsteps on every possible surface from gravel to concrete to snow (they don’t really have snow - they simulate it with cornflower!).

We’ve just had our first open day for prospective students, and it was great to see their reaction when they began to understand the scale and quality of the facilities here. This picture shows one of the groups in the Screening Room/Digital Cinema, with its 4K projector and full surround sound kit.

If you’d like to join us on our adventure, why not apply to do one of our two undergraduate courses, or find out about the many post-graduate opportunities?