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Interactive Media and Theatre Performance Challenge

Posted on 21 June 2021

This first collaborative project of this kind at TFTI, this challenge will bring together students from across the programmes, and take the opportunity to create performances that draw upon emerging technologies.

The IM and Theatre Performance Challlange is a collaborative project organised by Dr Jonathan Hook and Dr Louise LePage. The week is led by TFTI Alumni Rebecca Saw,  a practitioner of immersive storytelling through emerging technologies, and Sean Byrne, a TFTI MA Student exploring the potential of Telematic Theatre from Rehearsal to Performance.

The project will be run face-to-face in the Department in Week 10: Monday 21st June - Friday 25th June.  During this week-long collaborative challenge, students will explore questions about how to think about and create theatre by drawing upon emerging technologies. How can we explore the possibilities of interactive media as we set about creating theatre? 

Students will be drawing inspiration from theatre-makers such as Riptide, Blast Theory, 1927, fanSHEN, Pilot Theatre, and the RSC/Intel collaboration on The Tempest. Supported by expert tutors throughout the week, students are introduced to a range of performance work before going on to develop their own performances. The week will culminate with performances on Friday 25th June.