Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Recruitment 2018/19

Posted on 21 September 2018

Practical demonstrator, Introduction to Media Technologies - TFT00020C, Autumn Term 2018/19

TFTV Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Recruitment 2018/19
Practical demonstrator, Introduction to Media Technologies - TFT00020C,
Autumn Term 2018/19

Department and module leader:
TFTV, Joe Cutting

Start date and duration of the role:
Weeks 2 to 6 of Autumn term 2018

Please note the application deadline of 26 September 2018 due to the imminent
start date of this role.

Module overview:
The overall objectives of the module are:
• To provide a basic scientific foundation to facilitate understanding of concepts
related to digital media systems.
• To provide the mathematical and practical definitions needed to understand
the representation and processing of digital media.
• To provide an introduction into the practical application of digital media in the
context of interactive media.
• To provide an introduction to human perception of different digital media

This is an introductory module taught in the Autumn Term which introduces the
foundations of digital media such as images, video and sound. Selected candidates
are expected to be familiar with the fundamentals of how these media types are
created and represented in digital media. The module aims to teach concepts and
techniques which generalise across products rather than product specific features.

This module uses industry standard Adobe media editing and production software.
Photoshop is used for image creation and editing. Premiere is used for digital video
and Audition is used for sound editing. Previous experience of all of these products
is not a requirement for this role but a willingness to learn these products and get up
to speed quickly is required.

Main purpose of the role:
Lead student learning in a laboratory, supporting lectures taught by senior academic

Key duties:
• Demonstrating in a laboratory setting, including:

o Going through prepared teaching materials to familiarise themselves
with the exercises
o Being present throughout the sessions, with appropriate breaks as
o Providing correct information, answering student questions, and giving
guidance on good practice
o Demonstrating procedures/techniques to students on a group or one-
to-one basis as required
o Assisting students who are experiencing technical problems
o Helping students to make sense of their learning within the context of
the module and programme

• Help to maintain a safe and effective working environment, including
adherence to health and safety regulations
• Comply with the Responsibilities of GTAs section of the University Policy on

Requirements for the role:
See attached person specification.

Additionally, this role requires:
• Knowledge of digital media editing and concepts (images, video and sound)
• A willingness to become familiar with the Adobe software packages used.
• Previous experience of digital media editing software in the areas of image
editing, video and sound.

All GTAs should undertake the mandatory training outlined in the Training and
Supervision of GTAs section of the University Policy on GTAs (Section 54):
In practice, this means that before starting work as a GTA, a PGR should have
undertaken the University’s Introduction to Learning and Teaching course.
Department-specific induction and training will also be provided upon
commencement of the role.
Rate of pay:

Demonstrating rates at

Hours of work:
4 * 2-hour practical sessions per week

How to apply:
Your application should consist of a brief statement of how you meet the
requirements of the role. You should also provide evidence that you have discussed
the application with your supervisor(s) and that they support your application. Please
send this to the GTA Coordinator

Closing date:
Wednesday 26 September 2018. Brief interviews will be conducted in person or via
Skype on 27 September 2018.

Selection process:
Potential candidates will be interviewed by the Head of Subject or module convenor
(as appropriate), at a mutually acceptable time following the closing date. All
candidates will be informed of the outcome of their application at the latest a week
after the interview.

Contact details:
Please contact the GTA Coordinator with your completed
application or in the event of any queries.

Person specification




First degree in a relevant subject area or equivalent experience



Currently enrolled on at research degree at the University of York



Have undertaken the University’s Introduction to Teaching and Learning course



For non-native speakers of English: IELTS 7.0 or equivalent



Permission of supervisor to serve as a GTA



Able to undertake the relevant departmental training



Excellent oral and written communication skills to facilitate
student learning effectively and confidently



Requisite subject-specific knowledge to perform the role and willing to update that knowledge as necessary



Understand the needs and expectations of students



Well-organised, reliable and good time-management skills



Able to work effectively as part of a teaching team



Able to reflect on one’s teaching and willing to participate in continuing professional development opportunities for GTAs



Experience of supporting student learning



Experience of using the virtual learning environment



Basic knowledge of relevant health and safety requirements