TFTV collaborates with Castle Howard on Halloween

Posted on 2 November 2017

If you go down to Castle Howard today...

Castle Howard sound installation

Dr Mariana Lopez has been working with Charlotte Lloyd Webber from LampLighter Drama and Bretta Gerecke on a Halloween installation set up in the Burnt Out Wing of Castle Howard, which is usually out of bounds to visitors. The wing was especially opened for the occasion and runs from 21st October to 5th November.

The visual aspects of the installation together with the sound design tell the story of Phineas – The Lost Earl – who has developed an intense fascination with arachnids, which results in a personal tragedy. The installation doesn’t use an overt narration but instead evokes the story through sound effects and voice recordings of Phineas. Visitors are invited to walk through the galleries of the Burnt Out Wing to discover his story. The installation uses 16 loudspeakers to provide an immersive experience and draw visitors’ attention to the vastness of the space.