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Northern Stories: on screen, through memory and in archives

Posted on 27 August 2014

This one day symposium, organised by Dr Kristyn Gorton in July 2014, focused on stories and storytelling in the North of England as well as constructions of 'Northern Englishness' in stories for the screen.

Questions included, though were not limited to: How do television and film construct Northernness through its characters, plots, use of location etc…?; How do peoples’ stories about the North help us to better understand a ‘Northern’ identity?; How do Northern storytellers themselves construct storytelling?; What is the particular contribution of this region and culture to the ways stories are told?; How do memory, legend, and fiction join with fact in creating Northernness?;How do we preserve and access Northern stories?

Speakers included: David Forrest (Sheffield University); Amy Holdsworth (Glasgow University); Alison Peirse (Northumbria University); Ian W. Macdonald (University of Leeds); Kristyn Gorton (University of York); James Leggott (Northumbria University); Simon Popple (University of Leeds); Simon van der Borgh (University of York); Tom Jackson (University of Leeds).