Interactive Media degree launched

Posted on 18 October 2012

We are excited to announce that we will be starting a new undergraduate degree in Interactive Media starting in Autumn 2014.

In Autumn 2014 we will be welcoming the first students onto our new BSc in Interactive Media. The degree covers not only computer games, but also mobile apps, interactive television, the web and even art installations. It will equip students with a range of skills to work as producers, project managers, artists, designers and software engineers; and with ability to produce assets: graphics, music, characters and sounds. (Detailed content subject to final University approval.)

Students will get to use the amazing facilities in our state-of-the art-building; and will be able to work closely with students on our other courses to take advantage of the crossovers between the disciplines.

The programme:

  • Caters for students from a wide range of backgrounds and with different interests.
  • Combines theory and practice, and brings together technical, aesthetic and socio-cultural perspectives on new media systems, creative digital technologies and digital culture.
  • Enables high quality academic learning informed by cutting-edge research, and the development of production and programming skills informed by current practices in the creative industries.
  • Provides students with regular contacts with leading creative industry practitioners via our professional visitors programme.
  • Provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a career in the games industry and other digital communications media including web design, marketing, art curation and film and television production.

If you're interested in being one of the first students to study for this exciting new degree, please contact our friendly admissions tutor:

Dr Gavin Kearney