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Two New Professorial Appointments

Posted on 1 January 2009

Department welcomes Andrew Higson and Duncan Petrie.

Two new professors joined the Department in January 2009. Taking up the Greg Dyke Chair in Film and Television is Andrew Higson, he was previously Professor of Film Studies at the University of East Anglia where he was Head of the School of Film and Television Studies. Andrew is well known for his extensive publications on English cinema, including the much quoted books English Heritage, English Cinema: Costume Drama since 1980 and Waving the Flag: Constructing a National Cinema in Britain.

Taking up a Chair in the Film and Television area is Duncan Petrie, previously Professor of Film at the University of Auckland where he was Head of the Department of Film, Television and Media Studies. Duncan has published on the British film industry (Creativity and Constraint in the British Film Industry), on cinematography (The British Cinematographer and Shot in New Zealand: the Art and Craft of the Kiwi Cinematographer), and on Scottish cinema (Screening Scotland and Contemporary Scottish Fictions: Film, Television and the Novel).