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The Chevening Scholarships

Posted on 30 September 2020

Applications for Chevening Scholarship now open until 3 November 2020.

Overview of Chevening Scholarships 

1) Who is eligible?

International candidates from almost any country in the world. 
Key exceptions include the USA (where Fulbright operates as an alternative) and some Middle Eastern countries (including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE). 

EU awards are limited, but available to candidates in e.g. Greece, Albania, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro.

The top nationalities awarded Chevening for York from 2014-2019 are: 

1st : South Korea

2nd: China

3rd: Afghanistan  / Syria

4th : Egypt 

5th: Mexico  / Nigeria / Pakistan  

6th: El Salvador / Yemen / Brazil 

Other countries showing at least two York Chevening scholars in this same period  include: Malaysia, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Argentina, South Africa, Belize, The Gambia, Turkey, Guinea, Tunisia, India, Iraq, Zimbabwe

  • Candidates can study any 1 year Masters degree (longer degrees are ineligible).
  • Candidates are required to have a minimum of 2 years work experience.
  • Chevening are less focused on the candidates' academic profile and more interested in their potential as a future leader - do they have leadership skills?  networking skills?  Are they in a position to make a positive contribution to their country's future development on return?   
  • Chevening Scholars must return to their home country on completion of their studies - they are not permitted to stay on for a PhD. 

2) Funding

For the regular call, York contribute a 20% tuition fee discount

For the new Partnership award, York will cover 100% of the Masters tuition fees

Pre-sessional English or other pre-sessional classes, such as the Economics summer session, will not be covered by Chevening. 

In all cases Chevening cover visa and travel expenses, an arrival allowance and a monthly personal living allowance  to cover accommodation and living expenses. 

Many Chevening candidates would be unable to consider a UK Masters degree without this significant support.  

3) Timeline

  • Scholarships opened on 3 September 2020
  • Scholarships close 3 November 2020
  • Candidates do not need to have received an offer from us by the deadline, although it will obviously help. 
  • York will necessarily be one of three UK choices
  • For the Partnership award we would encourage candidates to list us as their first choice
  • Chevening shortlist and then interviews take place in March - April 2021
  • Decisions are announced throughout June 2021
  • Candidates have until mid-July to meet all conditions of their university offer (eg submit IELTS etc).  

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