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Outset - Theatre Festival

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Thursday 4 June 2020, 9.00AM to 07 June 2020

Join us as we mark the end of three years of hard work for some of our Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media Students. 

We want to recognise the end of our three years as Theatre undergraduates in TFTI whilst also celebrating our new beginnings.

Through Outset festival, we want to create an online platform for new and emerging artists that allows them to flourish, propelling themselves into the industry as professionals. This is a unique opportunity for us to explore the possibilities of performance beyond a physical auditorium and to provide an engaging virtual space that welcomes in people from all walks of life. This environment will allow festival goers to relax, party and socialize, as well as participate in the many activities that will be taking place.

Taking place over 4 days, this festival includes, monologue performances, postshow discussions, guest speakers and wellbeing sessions, all held virtually. You can choose to sign up for a full day of events with our all day festival ticket or just dip in and out when a topic suits you. 

 Click here to book a free ticket and secure your place in the live sessions. 


Thursday 4th 11:30 and Saturday 6th 16:00


Chef - directed by Lydia Juric, performed by Amy Thorpe

Rum and Vodka - directed by Emily Ashmore & Jessica O’Brien, performed by Peter Christian

Bird - directed by Emily Ellerby- Hunt, performed by Charlotte Emerson, Lily James, and Jill Fergie 


Friday 5th 11:30, & Sunday 7th 16:00


The Small Things - directed and performed by Steve Sheridan

Midsummer- directed by Tanika Maya Lay, performed by Scarlett Wood, Will Griffiths, Lucy Fourgs, and Theo Bimson


Friday 5th 11:30 & Sunday 7th 11:30


Julie (After Strindberg) - directed by Sara Chew, performed by Dom Rice and Lisa Gould

Cocoon - directed by Emily Ashmore and Jessica O’Brien, performed by Holly Cowley

Duologue - directed by Emily Ashmore and Jessica O’Brien, performed by Jess Field

No One is Coming to Save You - directed by Yuval Brigg, performed by Hayley Clark

Location: Virtual conference

Admission: Free