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Joint TFTV-English Modern School Research Seminar

Wednesday 8 November 2017, 6.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Amanda Stuart-Fisher (Central School of Speech and Drama)

 ‘Performing Care: Performance, Visibility and the Labour of Care

In this talk that draws on an on-going research project, Dr Amanda Stuart Fisher will examine the relationship between performance and care.  Focussing on Men and Girls Dance, a performance piece by Fevered Sleep in which young girls (aged 9 – 12) dance with professional male dancers, the talk will consider how this performance responds to moments of risk and anxiety by making visible the structures of care and trust that formulate the ethico-political framework of the production process.  Men and Girls Dance,  it will be argued,  opens up new ways of thinking about performance as care and re-positions some of the more gendered discourses that determine how we think about the relationship between care-givers and care-receivers. 


Location: Berrick Saul Building BS/008